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Properties for sale in Girona

Do you want to live an immersive experience in Spain? Our Properties for sale in Girona are ideal for you to enjoy your own place on the province of Barcelona that is truly exotic and luxurious on the Spanish Mediterranean Coast.

Girona is a fantastic city for people from France to find houses for sale in Spain! This charming town offers all the necessary amenities, in addition to a privileged location within Spain and convenient proximity to France , with direct connections by plane.

You should know that the city of Girona occupies number 14 on the annual list of 'Small Cities' . Index ', which highlights the 25 best welcoming cities in the world to settle in. This is partly due to its infrastructure and extensive transport connections, allowing various cities and countries to be easily reached in a short time thanks to its extensive transport network and well-developed roads. For example, the AVE high-speed train connects Girona with Barcelona in just 30 minutes and with Madrid in a few hours .

In addition, Girona stands out for its key infrastructure offering , such as the University of Girona, the Girona Hospital and a variety of companies, gyms, restaurants, shopping centers, parks and natural spaces.

Magnificent Properties for sale in Girona located in mountains, near the beach or in the city center

Our selection of Properties for sale in Girona is exceptionally varied in design and price, but all share an outstanding quality that reflects the charm of this city . With a typical aesthetic of the province of Barcelona, these properties are designed to capture the essence of the sea and the Mediterranean sun, influencing their designs and shapes.

Whether you are looking for a property on the beachfront , in the bustling city center or in the serene surrounding mountains , you will always find a home that suits your needs and preferences. From modern apartments with panoramic views to charming rural houses with lush gardens, our properties in Girona offer a wide range of options to suit all tastes and lifestyles.

In addition to aesthetic appeal, our properties in Girona also stand out for their privileged location and proximity to a variety of services and amenities . Whether you want to enjoy the city's lively nightlife, explore the picturesque surrounding towns or simply relax in the tranquility of your own home, our properties offer the perfect setting to enjoy all that Spain has to offer.

Get comprehensive real estate support when purchasing one of our Properties for sale in Girona Spain!

At Agence Immobilière Occitane we are proud to be the number 1 real estate agency in France for the purchase of Properties for sale in Girona. We offer a wide range of homes throughout Spain for French residents interested in investing in destinations such as the Costa Brava Gerano, Costa del Maresme Barcelona, Costa Cálida Murcia, Costa Blanca Alicante and many more .

Our official advisors are committed to providing you with all the information necessary to invest in Spain! In addition, we help you find the best areas of Girona to live and offer you the support of a French notary.

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Properties for sale in Girona

Our properties for sale in Girona are located in a charming city located in Cataluña in Spain, which provides an ideal space for French residents looking for a vibrant place to live. With its cosmopolitan atmosphere and proximity to Barcelona , Girona offers a unique combination of culture, history and modernity that makes it an attractive destination to call home.

Its well-developed infrastructure and strategic location make it perfect for everyday life. With excellent transport links, both locally and internationally, French residents can enjoy the convenience of easily exploring the region and beyond.

Girona is a city bustling with activity, with a wide variety of cultural events and recreational activities taking place in and around its central area. From music and theater festivals to art exhibitions and sporting events, there is always something exciting to do in Girona for all ages and tastes.

In addition, the city has a wide range of leisure spaces , such as parks, gardens and green areas, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. Its cobbled streets and historic architecture offer a unique charm that invites you to walk and discover the treasures hidden in every corner of the city.

Find in our properties for sale in Girona all types of villas, apartments and charming houses

The properties for sale in Girona offer a wide range of options, with the exclusive villas and apartments being the most notable options. These properties are recognized for providing maximum comforts and benefits for harmonious living in luxurious environments and recent construction.

The villas in Girona are synonymous with elegance and comfort, with large interior and exterior spaces that allow you to enjoy an exclusive lifestyle. These residences offer privacy and comfort, with high-quality details and modern design that make them the perfect home for those seeking the best.

On the other hand, apartments in Girona are an equally attractive option, especially for those who prefer a more practical and urban lifestyle . These properties are usually located in modern buildings and offer amenities such as common areas and panoramic views of the city or the surrounding natural environment.

In addition to villas and apartments, in the property catalog in Girona you can also find semi-detached houses, detached houses and penthouses , each with its own characteristics and unique charm. Whether you are looking for a home to live in all year round or a second home for weekend getaways, you are sure to find a property that fits your needs and lifestyle in this exclusive catalog.

We help you find the best areas to reside in our properties for sale in Girona

At Agence Occitane we are a recognized leading real estate agency in the sale of homes in Spain aimed at the French public that offers properties for sale in Girona. If you are looking for the ideal home for you and your family, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team of professionals will be in charge of selecting the most suitable place among all the areas of the Spanish Levante.

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